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Co-founder and Chief Instructor at Wealth in Options

Thank you for taking the time to explore our options education offerings. Options are a part of my everyday life, both as a trader, educator and options services provider. My day is divided between trading, education and as President of AIQ systems, the world leader in intelligent trading software. Trading and options have been my passion for over 20 years.

When I bought my first shares, I lived and worked in England

in the 80’s I participated in most of Margaret Thatcher’s privatisation shares issues. It was my gateway to trading. My trading expanded considerably when I first joined AIQ Systems in the early 90s. This was truly a pioneering time both in trading and the nascent technical analysis software industry. The founder of AIQ was a Professor of Mathematics and a leader in artificial intelligence who applied his expertise to analysing the stock and options markets.

I have had the privilege to learn from and work with many of the great traders and technical analysts over the last 30 years

As an executive at the world leader in intelligent trading software, I had the privilege to learn from and work with many of the great traders and technical analysts over the last 30 years. I’ve taught alongside the great analyst and indicator creators Like Marc Chaikin inventor of the Chaikin Oscillator, Larry McMillan, author of Options as a Strategic InvestmentAlexander Elder author of Trading for a Living, Jay Kaeppel author of The Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading, Jack D Schwager author of The New Market Wizards,  Dr. Van K. Tharp author Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom and many more.

The World’s Greatest Trader, Dan Zanger of is  both a colleague and has been a client of mine for over 20 years. Together we have taught at several seminars.

As an options trader and educator I have taught seminars in the US and Europe on a broad range of trading topics

Sharing my knowledge and trading strategies on equity and option trading is my passion. I’ve taught thousands of traders on tradinseminarsteveg topics from electronic trading, trading system design, and derivatives trading, to market analysis and trading psychology.

Here are a few of the topics I’ve recently taught to some of my clients; The disciplined Trader, Identifying When a Move is Exhausted, Chart Pattern Recognition, How to test a trading strategy, Relative Strength & Price/Volume Divergence, Top Down Trading, Advanced Chart Pattern Analysis, Portfolio Simulation Techniques. and FOREX Trading Strategies

Recently i have also taught as Senior Instructor at The Trading Prism, with an emphasis on Trading Psychology and Options Trading

I love teaching traders how to benefit from options trading

I’m inviting a small group of traders to join me and learn how to maximize returns using options. My intensive Options Wealth Generator course is quite frankly the most comprehensive teaching I offer in one day. Comprehensive for one huge reason; you’ll get the option knowledge that you need without all the academic complexities that so often surround option courses. 

Join me and begin your journey to options trading success.


About AIQ Sysytems
AIQ has created the most complete, most intuitive trading package available for personal computers. In AIQ’s award winning TradingExpert Pro, you will find all the analysis tools you need to make intelligent, disciplined trading decisions — state of the art charts and screening reports, automatic real-time or end-of day data retrieval, highly efficient data management, professional level portfolio management, and much more. Successful traders never risk their money on untested trading ideas. TradingExpert Pro’s Expert Design Studio will help you uncover winning trading strategies that meet your personal investment style. Take advantage of over 200 built-in trading systems or design and test any trading idea of your own.

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